How much time is needed to produce a mass execution of product?

its necessary to wait some weeks for all orders, from the time its conformed until the time the order is sent to our facilities (we start working when all the materials needed are in our tables.

What type of file do I need to present my information and drawings?

We accept file types: PDF, JPG and EPS.

Where can I send a physical sample of the product?

Mr Handcraft
Calle Granada 1.
11600. Ubrique. Cádiz

Is there a minimum quantity?

Normally the minimum quantity is 50 units / 2 colors.

Is everything fabricated in Spain?

All the productions and orders to start productions are made by the artisan in Ubrique (Spain).

Do you use Spanish materials?

Our best leathers are Spanish, Italian and French. However we use the best supply channels to ensure you are getting a high quality product.

Can I use my packaging and labels?

Yes, on request we can use the labels in a large volumen of production.

What are the payment conditions for a project?

The client must pay 50% of the total cost before we start making tests and production. The other 50% must be paid before the production is sent.

If I send my product samples, will they be returned to me?

If you want all the samples may be returned to you.